Why PR?

When deciding upon the marketing methods to adopt to promote your business/product, it is important to fully understand the benefits of the marketing mix. Since PR is my speciality, I thought it apt if I run through the benefits of PR, to help those considering PR make a more informed decision.

When times are tough, businesses often cut-back on their marketing campaign, regardless of the fact that marketing is key to the success of any business. Time and again it has been proven that those who continue to invest in marketing during harder times will often come out on top when the marketplace improves. However, since budgets don’t always enable a fully integrated campaign (advertising, direct mail, promotion, sponsorship, exhibitions, etc), it’s important that you choose your promotional methods carefully and wisely.

The benefits of PR / 

- PR can prove to be an economical way to reach a mass audience, stimulating awareness of, and demand for your brand/products/services.

- PR can aid the development of a stronger and more controlled image; since PR usually involves the media outlet covering a story, these ‘stories’ can long outlive the immediate impact of advertising for example.

- PR can help create the perception that a company is active and on the move.

- PR has up to 7x the credibility of advertising since editorial is conveyed and controlled by a third-party in contrast to advertising which is paid for and controlled by the company it’s for.

- It provides an advantage over competitors who do not use PR effectively.

- PR can increase search-engine visibility and organic results.