The PR Mix

Public Relations (PR) has long been considered a powerful and cost-effective way to promote a business. It allows a customer to feel they have made an informed and educated decision based on research or valued opinion, rather than simply being ‘sold to’ through traditional advertising.

Not so very long ago, certainly within my lifetime (and I’m no dinosaur!), managing the flow of information between an organisation and the individual was somewhat more confined.

Over the course of the past decade, the PR industry has witnessed rapid developments.  Where once, the concentration of the PR effort fell on traditional print and broadcast media, the digital age has seen to the development of an entirely new arena of mediums which form, what us practitioners term as, The PR Mix.  Not least so in the family/parent marketplace, where research has identified a new consumer movement that has seen the widespread adoption of these new mediums.

The PR Mix is, in essence, a combined use of the media at your disposal i.e. print, social media, digital media, and broadcast media.  A good publicist will attempt to utilise as many of these media outlets as possible to successfully communicate the message they’re trying to convey.  This utilisation of The PR Mix is particularly important as 94% of people view multiple media before making a purchasing decision (Demand Gen 2012) – meaning your message must be seen in more than one place before a person is likely to make any commitment.  The more widespread your message, the more likelihood there is of achieving sales.

The New Kids of The PR Mix:

The newest additions to The PR Mix are all, unsurprisingly, online.  If utilised correctly, not only can they begin to spread-the-word ‘virally’, they can also help aid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Social Media /

79% of mums with children under the age of 18 are active on social media*.

For mums like me, social media can serve many purposes: a source of information and peer recommendations, and a way to keep in touch with family, friends, etc.

There are of course numerous social media channels which I’ve detailed in earlier posts, but of these Facebook and Twitter continue to be the two most popular destinations for many mums. Brands have been quick to recognise this and most will have their own identities on these sites.

However, maintaining social forums is a real commitment for a brand. Fans expect a quick and helpful response to questions and comments they post, as well as to be engaged with useful and entertaining content.

Digital Media /

84% of mums use the internet (11% more than the overall population)*.

Raising a family brings many challenges and a constant need for information, inspiration, support and new things to buy. The modern, time-poor, parent heads online to fulfil all of these needs utilising websites such as AOL’s Parentdish, BabyExpert, MadeforMums, iVillage, MummyPages, etc.

Content can be informative, entertaining, commercial, or simply reinforcing brand messaging, and can take the form of news, features, images, video or games and apps.

Blogger Outreach /

The parent blogging community has grown rapidly in recent times, with over 6,000 parent blogs in the UK alone.

Bloggers write about a wide range of topics close to their hearts and based on their experiences.  Many are open to mutually beneficial relationships with brands that are both relevant and appropriate.

To find out more about how your business can successfully embrace the PR Mix, why not get in touch?  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

* Data compiled by eMarketer