Blogosphere: The Unmoderated Sector

Over the past 10-years, the UK blogosphere has pretty much grown exponentially and it’s not looking likely to stop anytime soon.

At a time where increasing emphasis is being placed upon PRs and digital marketers to deliver on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and report on Return on Investment (RoI), the need for truly 'right fit' influencers has never been more critical.

The influencer community has, to date, remained largely unmoderated.  PRs have been confined to evaluating influencers based upon social following and / or relying upon the influencer to provide accurate metrics on their blog / vlog / social media performance.

There are of course independent measures that can be employed with the assistance of Moz and Alexa, but these are very crude and modelled around estimates.

If you’ve spent any time working with influencers, it’s likely you’ve heard the term Domain Authority (DA) bandied about.  DA is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz to predict how well a website will rank on search engines; the higher the DA, the better the perceived value of that website/blog in terms of SEO.  Unfortunately there are flaws in its reliability, particularly when determining the suitability of an influencer.  Typically, a vast proportion of influencers will achieve a ranking score between 20 and 40; what’s perhaps little known or understood, is that if someone started a blog five years ago and didn’t add any content, they could achieve a DA higher or equal to someone who started a blog two years ago and added content every day. Why? Because the algorithm set by Moz to score DA places favour on those with a higher domain age i.e. the length of time a website / blog has been in existence.

Alexa on the other hand, provides web traffic estimations.  Despite offering the most extensive panel of websites from which to draw its assessment of web traffic, it is still only an estimate and therefore cannot be relied upon for accurate evaluation purposes.

There is, however, some good news; we have helped Ace Media develop a new tool that assesses influencers with more accuracy - Pitch Pack.

In the same way ABC and NRS provide the ‘stamp of trust’ to traditional media outlets, Pitch Pack provides an industry trust mark to the influencer community and aims to bring about a level of transparency by displaying web stats and social influence, direct from source.

Pitch Pack Example

Why is this so important?

For the first time, PRs and digital marketers are presented with a completely unbiased, verified set of statistics across all channels, including their own blog site, utilising one of the most widely accepted, robust and in-depth analytics tools to ensure greater transparency and clarity.

For the influencer community, it provides a fair, impartial environment in which they can be exposed to opportunities on a completely level playing field! Since data updates are automated, influencers needn't spend precious time updating data.

What precisely is Pitch Pack?

In essence, it’s a media kit for influencers that presents the information a PR / digital marketer needs to know in a single dynamic web page!

Stats are verified across all channels and since the data comes direct from source, there's no room for inaccuracy - we're talking bonafide metric data!  The universal theme makes it really easy to navigate.  Since it's accessible through a unique web-link, it is simple to collate a list to provide to other members of your team and/or client, and it updates without any additional effort involved; quite unlike the tedious task of downloading, opening and deciphering hundreds of PDFs, or worse still, analytics screenshots!

How it helps

Utilising tools such as Pitch Pack in tandem with the three ‘Rs’ (highlighted below), it is now possible to align your brand or company with truly 'right fit' candidates.

Relevance – niche, style and content
Resonance – sentiment and allegiance
Reach – readers and engagement

Pitch Pack is the first in a line of intuitive features from Ace Media's collaboration suite and represents an evolution in the work dynamic between PRs / digital marketers and influencers, not merely in the recruitment process but the means by which a campaign is managed from start to finish, facilitating the way PRs and digital marketers report on results!

Lil' Spin is affiliated with Ace Media helping develop intuitive tools for the PR sector 

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